sheet music


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solo instrumental

Sonata piano solo

Prelude and Fugue piano solo

Auguries piano solo

Toccata No. 1 piano solo

Fantasy and Fugue piano solo

Sonata for Violin Solo

Shir Eres (Lullaby) violin solo

Kinah (Elegy) violin solo

Sinfonia violin solo

Lachash (Incantation) violin solo

Nesia (Journey) violin solo

Lullaby violin solo

Melody violin solo

Suite viola solo

Prelude and Fugue cello solo

Afterthoughts double bass solo

Overture flute or alto flute

Sarabande flute or alto flute

Prelude a JSB flute or alto flute

Three Pieces flute or alto flute

Reflections solo clarinet

Two Pieces solo clarinet

Canticles solo bassoon

The Trumpet Shall Sound solo trumpet

Tubleaux solo tuba


Contrapunctus violin and viola

Etude violin and piano

Sonatensatz violin or viola and piano

Torrents of Spring violin and piano

Sonata cello and piano

Romance cello and piano

Sephardic Images cello and piano

Celtic Runes flute and bassoon

Largo flute and bassoon

Two Songs flute and piano

Pastoral Fantasy bassoon and piano

Trio No. 1 piano, violin and cello

Orana Counterpoint piano, flute and bassoon

Chronicles piano, flute and bassoon

Prelude and Fugue piano, flute and bassoon

String Quartet No. 4


Two Psalms soprano and piano

Singing God’s Praise children’s choir

A Clearer Sight children’s choir


Symphony No. 1

Symphony No. 2